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Casa rural Barcelona

Animals Xurigueras…
We have variety of animals to the large pequños and enjoy their company to stay in Xuriguera… For us have souls, and an unconditional spirit.

Be Quiet, peace, Nature, History, Culture, Beginning, Tradition, Elegance…


A world of sensations at your fingertips.


This year we released new page… full of details and updates.

Enjoy a walk in the woods, a delicious cake made fresh grandmother, know how formerly produced wine, taste some freshly picked organic tomatoes from the garden…It is a place to recover sensations that have long lost, immersed in the daily, rapid and overwhelming life, lack of time ... a place to experience nature, Music, traditions, feeding, people, land, family ...... a quiet place to experience life in the countryside and find peace in the present moment ...

Casa rural Barcelona

If you wish to contact us please write casarural@xuriguera.com or 937441337

NEW WINE TASTING FEELING, COOKING, TRECCKING, Observación ASTRONOMICAL, Gastronomic route, We have prepared everything for this 2014 be held on 10 Xurigueras years of Sasellas House….

The house Xuriguera of Salsellas is immersed in the splendor of the Riera de Merlés, a protected area (Partial Nature Reserve) characterized by a rich and varied fauna which should be very respectful to both animals and the natural environment.



Casa rural families

Loveless, humanity could not exist another day.

Casa rural


We have a small farm that you can visit with kids.


Casa rural Barcelona




Casa rural Barcelonaimages