• Welcome Cake
    • Connexió a la xarxa Wiffi gratuïta per a tota la casa i els voltants
    • All linens (sheets, pillows, mantis, bedspreads, etc.)
    • We have two cots for children
    • All materials and swimwear (bathrobe, Soaps, dryers, Towel, etc.)
    • All other home accessories (tablecloths, dishes, cutlery, etc.).
    • Cleaning service included
    • Service farmhouse 24 hours (any case or request)
    • Commodities(sugar, will, species,…) i Nespresso machine
    • Firewood and tablets to turn the fireplace and barbecue
    • Room suitable for the disabled
    • Private parking and covered
    • Nova zona chill out

All services included in the price.


  • Menus
  • Service daily bread: However galleg (1,5€ / unit)
  • Daily Press
  • Catering for special events
  • Product sales; or seasonal availability (However,, Lamb, ous, Rabbits, Chickens, etc…)
  • The Botigueta Xurigueras…
    And always looking to improve our clients, and that your stay in our beloved Xuriguera sigui cada vegada més agradable tenim una petita botiga amb una varietat de productes, especially the basic: Coffee, refreshments, Wines, spirits, alcoholic beverages, preserves, milk ... with quality products at a good price.
Casa rural Barcelona
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casa rural
Casa rural Barcelona