The camp, the riu, Mount, nature… a world of sensations at your fingertips. The farmhouse of Xuriguera Salsellas disconnect allows the city for a few days and live in peace and harmony in the midst of nature with all the important amenities at your fingertips.

Xuriguera de Salsellas Casa rural ha celebrado este año 2014 su décimo aniversario de apertura.


Born from an idea to make a quality rural tourism, con todos los componentes necesarios para que el cliente se sienta totalmente integrado con la naturaleza y su entorno sin olvidar todas las comodidades a su alcance.


As you know this year we have been filled with deals, activities and news. One, we kept us most illusions change website, it is completely renewed to make way for a more interactive Web, modern and with many new features and surprises.
This is one of the advances that you can show that new interactive format Web, socialweb also thank you for your feedback.
Another novelty been to join another social network as it is instagram

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