Hello Friends!!!

On 1 November, Feast of All Saints!


Today we pay tribute to a very traditional day in our land, shortly celebrate the CASTANYADA!!!

Como todos sabemos es una fiesta tradicional en algunas zonas del norte de España, as in Catalonia, Galicia, Cantabria… but we go a little further; ya que con esta fiesta la castaña recupera la importancia que el maíz y la patata le fueron arrebatando en los últimos siglos.

In Chestnut, Castañada en castellano, no sólo se degustan castañas asadas si no que se acompañan de buns, boniatos y Fruta candied, including candied chestnut. The typical drink is castanyada Muscat.

It seems that the custom of eating these foods -highly energy- comes from the fact that during the night of ALL SAINTS, eve of the Day of the Dead, was played endlessly dead until dawn; friends and relatives helped make this hard task, and together consume these foods to not falter.

This is the small quick summary of where comes this ancient tradition

In Xuriguera a year we will enjoy the party and elaborate chestnuts and panellets artisans.

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