AMIGOS Xurigueras…

We are in the month of May, near the Ecuador year 2014, this year as you know we are in our tenth anniversary



This past month inform you that we are already part of the world Instragram:

*****HUERTO Xurigueras *****

” For many people it is a pleasure to grow their own vegetables. In Xuriguera of Salsellas we are having our first fruits of planting the garden with all kinds of vegetables…It is a rewarding activity, healthy and useful 100%. You get fresh and tasty products, even more than those you buy in stores. It's a great feeling to cultivate for their own consumption.”

In our case the culture is an organic garden, since we do not use any chemical, It is much easier than it might first appear, and most interesting is that it is not only a way to get fresh and healthy food, we can pick up each morning to bring to the table, sino que termina convirtiéndose en un espacio de disfrute y sana relación con la naturaleza. El huerto nos aporta hortalizas y frutos: gives us the opportunity to perform creative tasks, to experience and discover new things, to make healthy exercise, eating healthy foods, to give away to friends and family, to breathe fresh air and fully enjoy the vida.También combine it with the planting of aromatic plants around the garden that can be used on many occasions, from preventing mosquitoes to use in kitchen, to flavor dishes.

In the organic garden real learning is the result of everyday practice, through continuous testing and trials, sometimes with errors, aciertos.La almost always rewarding practice of organic farming helps maintain and even increase soil fertility addition to getting healthy and vigorous plants, get filled spaces diversity, harmonious, nice, que clash royale boom nos abastecen diariamente de alimentos frescos y saludables de excelente calidad nutricional y buen sabor.

Ultimately, Our farm is created for our customers to enjoy at your leisure, nature and healthy foods


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