Casa rural barcelona

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Casa rural per menjar

Get carried away by the senses ... "

Tasta the sixth of terra nostra, surrounded by nature in our region ...
(Check available dates for these workshops here, leaving data. Will require a minimum group 6 persons)

Price: 15 € (VAT included)
Duration: 1h 30 minutes and visit the vineyards
Casa rural Barcelona

"Walking on a horse paths, listen to the silence of the forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery ... "

The tour guide is done. The horses are docile, mind and are ready for you.

(Check available dates here, leaving data. Will require a minimum group 6 persons)

Price: 20 € (VAT included)
Duration: From 1 hora
Casa rural per a casaments
WORKSHOP gintonics

Gintonics tasting workshop lasts approximately two hours, and is totally practical, ja that, all participants have their own equipment preparation gins: glass balloon, stirrer, the tonic, fruit, Species,... Our proposal is as follows:

First talk about the gin as a product, as well as the tonic, introduced briefly in the world of gins, The levels of aromatic, as well as new trends and their basic tips when preparing a delicious Gin.

then, our proposals are as follows gintonics:

1-. Gin and tonic with rose petals

2.- Gintonic a spicy edge

3-. Strawberry Gintonic

( Varieties of gin and tonic)

PRICE: 20€ (VAT included)

(Check available dates for these workshops here, leaving data. Will require a minimum group 5 persons)

Casa rural per menjar
Cooking course

Do you want to learn to make good cannelloni, rice, a good cake, to make bread?Start to be tired of traditional dishes? It's time to open up new horizons for your kitchen, learn to prepare a dish that surprise visits, it is time to give them up chef. All types of cuisine, traditional or more sophisticated, through the best cakes and sweet desserts. Please apron and hob!

Session: 2-4 hours

In the hands of an expert cook ...

PRICE : between 25-40 €
CHOICE: LUNCH OR DINNER. Once cooked, group can taste dishes.

(Check available dates for these workshops here, leaving data. Will require a minimum group 6 persons)

Casa rural Barcelona
MASSAGE 1 hour

When the everyday becomes a source of stress and strenuous activity, it is important to spend a little time to yourself, enjoy, rest i relax. A relaxing massage that helps eliminate stress and provide welfare.

Treatment: Relaxing Massage and / or draining massage

Session: 1 hour

Price: 40 € (Minimum 2 persons)
Serveis Casa Rural


You will have prepared a basket with everything needed to enjoy a pleasant visit and a picnic tablecloth in the woods, Outdoor, completely surrounded by nature. The menu includes sandwiches picnic, Fruits, Cookies, water and juices, with wicker basket.


You can Hiking; if you want a good walk there are different routes that can be made from within but from Xurigueras Salsellas, such as visiting the Church of the Sierra Salsellas (within the estate house), follow the course of the stream Merlès, or do any of the routes that lead to Alpens or Santa Eulalia de Puig-Oriol.

From l'any 2014 are the first steps to rebuilding the church Salselles, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Vic has accepted the proposed reconstruction of the church made by mayors Salselles PICTURE GALLERY, Sant Martí d'Albars and Lluçà. Because it carries out the suitability of the temple diocese includes the possibility to assign 25 years building the PICTURE GALLERY, the people of this town which pertany.L'alcalde of the county, Joan Roma, has already made a request for the transfer.


Salselles is a population Llucanes. Currently, this population is vacated, with clear signs of neglect. Salselles population was integrated in the municipality of Borredà 1898, Berguedà.

Santa Maria Salselles is the village church and is the property of the Diocese, Vic

He came to have a stable population 257 people. It has always been linked to the peasantry and set an important reference for many people Lluçanès and Berguedà.



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