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Romanesque Monastery Lluçà

It is situated in the village of Lluçà (18km Xurigueras), names the Llucanes, is documented in 905 the consecration of the church of Santa Maria.

It is a core scattered houses and farmhouses has numerous historical relics and outstanding. Close to the church Lluçà, find the mountain where the castle Lluçà. Ed a small castell. L’any 1279, Castle suffered a long siege and intermittent part was demolished. A year later remade. The castle was demolished in the fifteenth century, for fear of falling into the hands of supporters of the king.. In addition, from the Castle have a magnificent view of Llucanes. Apart from the aforementioned, the various tourist attractions we highlight the Romanesque Monastery Lluçà, Medieval Castle Ruins Lluçà, Round Chapel of St. Vincent, flour mill and Puig-oriol Swamp Garet. Santa Maria is Lluçà, because, the crown jewel of the Romanesque Llucanes.

This route is ideal for walking with family and friends. With a distance of approximately 3 km to the beginning’ parking in the church of Santa Maria Lluçà. It lasts approximately two hours. It is a lovely place to go and spend a wonderful morning, There is a restaurant in the village, the restaurant "Primitive". (http://www.fondalaprimitiva.com/) where homemade dishes and close to Santa Eulalia de Oriol Puig-called "We pledge", where his specialty is chickpeas (Such. 93.855.40.05).

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Xuriguera is a very good place for mushrooms (in the building, extension 250 ha). When summer ends and autumn leads to the climate and its privileged welcome every year the arrival of numerous species of mushrooms, including the prized rovelló, the camagroc, the pardinum, Llenega and the many more that are admired by many visitors as the landscape wears golden and amber tones, and the wind takes away the leaves.

Come and enjoy this wonderful landscape. An activity to be in contact with nature and to discover what lies.

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Parc Natural del Cadi- Moixerò

Much of the park is within the region of the county, the remaining shares with Alt Urgell and Cerdanya. It has a predominantly mountainous, with heights 800 a 2.670 m, with a relief, fauna and flora of the Pyrenees with their own various dwellings. Allows the vision of landscapes and the observation of different animals and plants. You can make excursions and tours of the surrounding scenic beauty and rich wildlife and plant, all within the boundaries of the Natural Park Moixeró. In the high mountain meadows and forests, you can see mountain goats and deer, you can also find foxes, fagines, boars, Badgers, and prey like vultures, and other birds: Owls, Dukes, blackbirds, Crows,… Can leisure activities, de nature, cultural, and sport in touch with nature.

Pedraforca Massif

Within the Natural Park Moixeró is a declared natural national interest. It Massif Pedraforca (2497 m.), feature a mountain by two rocky peaks that form an original fork. His rise is a good, hard day hiker. The views from the top than offset the hardness of the climb


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It is a land of festivals to excel·Excellence. (31,4km to Xurigueras).

Celebrated since the fourteenth century, i l’any 2005 proclaimed Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The origin of La Patum lies in the old farces that marched in processions of Corpus Christi and were intended to educate, moralize and teach the people in order to deepen the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

With the passage of time, went to the side rather than the character's instructive. It is held between the months of May and June, and begins the eve of Corpus.


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Queralt Sanctuary

City of Berga, (38km to Xurigueras), This separates the high mountains of low Berguedà. There is the Black Font, Queralt Sanctuary, chaired by the image of Santa Maria (s. XIV) and panoramic viewpoint, called “the balcony of Catalonia. Queralt Sanctuary, Santa Maria de Queralt or the Virgin of Queralt is located northwest of the town of Berga (Berguedà), specifically in the old district of Valldan. This work is protected as a cultural asset of local interest.

Can you gone walk or funicular inclined. Up to a foot from Queralt Berga is a delight. The trip can last between an hour and three quarters. Leaving Berga from the same St Peter's Square, and along the way we'll discover a series of chapels that allow you a break on your way (chapels San Jacinto, St. James and Dolores). The side of the shade find the Sagrada Familia. When you reach the top you will find the Three Crosses, erected in memory of the pilgrims prayed three Hail Marys when it came to Queralt always enjoying the stunning scenery.

Ja in the Sanctuary: Have built ramps that allow access to the church without problems disabled from the same funicular until known as 'Courtyard of Brown'.


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Sources Llobregat

Shortly before reaching the village of Castellar de n'Hug, you can go to see the sources of the Llobregat, birth of one of the major rivers of Catalonia. The source of the river is worth visiting for its spectacular, especially in times of abundant water.

Water was the first wealth of this region, especially, water Llobregat, the main axis of the river and mountain country. With all the force of nature, sources where the river flow directly from the cliffs that border Castellar de N'Hug, and form an abundant and rapid cascade. The water passes, lady and spawning, agile and alive, some places that seem to exist only because it makes their course towards the plain.

If you continue down, Once past Llobregat sources to find the right snack bar with wooden tables to make a picnic, and left the old flour mill Fonts, now become hydroelectric. Following below to find where there is currently hotel, Old Forge, where formerly obtained iron